The Marketing Manifesto

In just 20 years, the 21st century has produced a profound discontinuity in society and in Western economies. The signs of an era change are emerging, urging people and organizations to review their beliefs, habits, actions and relationships. Economic crises, climate challenges, migrations, and increasing wealth differences put all of us under pressure. Private and public institutions have been and are responsible for managing these critical watershed moments. However, sustainability seems by far the most important of all challenges.

As marketing scholars and professionals, we acknowledge this situation and we consider it our responsibility to face and respond to the sustainability challenge. Marketing is an extraordinary tool for the economic and social development of both the private and public domains. We believe that citizens, students, colleagues, companies, institutions and society at large deserve our commitment and contribution to the new challenges that social and human development face. Consequently, we consider it our duty to adapt our understanding, practice and meaning of marketing to the new scenario. This manifesto conveys this revised meaning of marketing.

Guido cristini, Daniele Dalli, Angelo Di Gregorio, Alberto Mattiacci, Riccardo Resciniti, Claudio Sambri


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