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Dear friends,

those of you who are not aware of the attitude of "academics", in other words of those who teach and do research professionally in a university context, could think that the provocative aspect of this publishing initiative is because of the magazine's name "Spaghetti marketing".

A term which, for those of you who do not know, is used abroad to mean a type of marketing strategy haphazardly done by putting together various random techniques and by checking afterwards which one, once launched, remains "stuck" to the target (in order to understand this metaphor we should remember the "gluey" way pasta is cooked by non-Italians).

Instead, it is not the name of the magazine nor is its graphics (which remind us of a trattoria restaurant in Little Italy) to make this publishing experiment original (and somehow a little risky).

The real provocation is the one that made us think that the contents of our research, of our scientific papers, of our speeches during conventions (often quite verbose and tedious) could be transformed into contents that are enjoyable, easy to read, and (incredible) useful to those who do marketing for real and in the field.

Enjoy the reading.


Carlo Alberto Pratesi



NUMERO 18 - Social-Media-Marketing

NUMERO 3 - Showrooming

NUMERO 17 - Sharing Economy

NUMERO 2 - Retail Display

NUMERO 5 - Fear Arousing Appeals

NUMERO 4 - Key Account Management

NUMERO 16 - Audience Development

NUMERO 15 - Marketing-no-profit-

NUMERO 6 - Value Co-Creation

NUMERO 14 - Carbofobia

NUMERO 13 - Sustainable business

NUMERO 7 - Middle Class

NUMERO 8 - Netnography

NUMERO 9 - Water Footprint

NUMERO 10 - Inclusive Business

NUMERO 1 - Engagement

NUMERO 11 - Affiliate Marketing

NUMERO12 - Crisis Management

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