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The main goal of SIM, Italian Marketing Association, is the promotion of research and education in the fields of marketing and communication in line with criteria of international excellence (article 3 of the Statute).
For this purpose, SIM invites Master programs in Marketing to participate in the cultural activities of the association, by giving them an official recognition and by making them part of the activities with a specific segment of the Marketing Award.

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Master in International Marketing Management

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Master in International Marketing Management The Master in INTERNATIONAL MARKETING MANAGEMENT aims at developing knowledge, expertise, and skills in order to analyze the international markets and to implement managerial, commercial and marketing actions towards these markets. The core distinctive goal of the Master is to educate people capable to understand and operate in international contexts thanks to a combination of knowledge and capabilities stemming from both the economics and managerial culture and the psychological and organizational ones.

University of Milan-Bicocca

M3 - Master in Marketing Management

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M3 - The Master in Marketing Management is a 1st level University Master program aimed at earning 60 Training Credits, It is organized by the University of Milan-Bicocca and by CRIET (Intercolleges Research Center in Economy of the Territory) and its goal is to prepare the students for the labor marketplace. M3 combines together Universities and Businesses and fosters a 360° cultural and professional growth. It is an innovative way to teach at the University level by building a bridge between students and the business world. An intense and personalized organizational formula, a preparation aimed at developing both the marketing knowledge and the soft skills, a close collaboration with partnering businesses through applied work projects and weekly meetings with entrepreneurs and managers are all elements of strength of a path leading the students from the classroom training to the life in the business world.

University of Pisa

Master in Marketing Management

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The Master in Marketing Management is designed for new graduates as well as graduates already in the workforce who intend to acquire and increase their specific knowledge in the context of marketing. Our objective is to develop outstanding professionals, to be employed in different areas of business and institutional marketing, by emphasizing from a managerial point of view the knowledge and expertise of graduates from all kinds of disciplines. During the course we will elaborate on aspects and applications of different sectors and contexts: consumer goods, industrial goods, services, domestic and international markets, online and offline. Particular attention will be given to the marketing aimed at midsize enterprises and sectors representative of the Italian industrial specialties, which are the main targets for the placement of students. This educational program allows to complete the college training by following an educational path that moves the business reality closer. It teaches, first of all, the basic elements of general management, English language for business, and individual productivity and then it provides specific contents in the areas of marketing, communication, and sales. The Master is based on a part-time formula and consists of a training period in the classroom with 21 educational modules. The lectures will be held on Fridays (from 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM) and on Saturdays (from 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM).

University of Cassino

Master in Marketing & Retail Management

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The Master offers a path of excellence aimed at forming professionals who wish to acquire knowledge of and to develop skills in the marketing field, in management of the commercial distribution, and in business communication by using an highly specialized and professionalizing approach guaranteed by the participation of influential managers in the classroom activities.

University of Bergamo

Master in Marketing Management for International Enterprises

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The Master's objective is to shape a professional figure in Marketing and International Marketing able to configure the marketing functionality in national as well as foreign markets and, in particular, to manage in an integrated manner all the activities useful for the process of marketing management.


International Business Academy

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Sapienza University of Rome

MUMM - University Master program in Marketing Management

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The MUMM is a University Master program in Marketing Management held at the College of Economy of the Sapienza University of Rome. It is a course of excellence aimed at graduates from various disciplines and young managers who intend to acquire specific skills and to work in Marketing at the professional level immediately.

University of Parma, in collaboration with "il Sole 24 Ore" Business School

Master in Marketing Management

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For its Thirteenth Edition the Master in Marketing Management has been deeply innovated in order to meet the growing demand for qualified individuals from businesses operating in the world of fast-moving consumer goods and luxury goods. Through the constant use of instruments of active education, laboratory, teamwork and outdoor sessions, the individual capabilities are enhanced in order to improve the participants' employability in positions characterized by great responsibilities. During the first twelve editions, the Master consolidated a relationship of proficuous collaboration with over 70 businesses that offered fellowships and internships so that the Project Work would come to fruition.

Catholic University of the Sacred Heart

Master in Marketing Management

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The Master in Marketing Management's objective is to develop knowledge, expertise, and skills needed to operate in marketing activities in industrial, commercial, and service-related businesses. The Master program's formulation and development favor the analytical and decisional components that are typical of the marketing process and they are duly integrated with economic, business, legal, and quantitative knowledge that is necessary to operate in the area of marketing in businesses modernly organized and strongly market-oriented.

Luiss Business School

Master in Marketing & Communication

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The Master's goal is to give students the knowledge necessary to understand the market and communication problems of business organizations, to identify possible solutions, to design operational projects, and to preside over their implementation efficiently. To that end, we put together a mixed teaching body consisting of university scholars specialized in a single teaching subject, technical operatives recruited for the professional and business world, and psychologists specialized in self-education. The teaching is carried out by mixing innovative and traditional techniques and by making a widespread use of project works and other techniques of active learning.

Publitalia '80 Alumni Business School

Master Publitalia - Marketing, Communication & Sales Management

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The Master in Marketing, Communication, and Sales Management is a thirteen-month long, full-time, numerus clausus, graduate course. It is aimed at graduate students, who decided to launch their professional future towards marketing, trade marketing, sales and communication. The businesses collaborating with this initiative provide teachers, practice exercises, and precise indications on the evolution of the job market. Such indications represent an occasion for a constant update of the educational program.

University of Naples Federico II

Master in Marketing & Service Management

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The 1st level university Master course in “Marketing & Service Management” satisfies the demand for a highly professional training course aimed at the acquisition of marketing knowledge, instruments, and methodologies useful for businesses that operate in hypercompetitive contexts and set their strategies with the goal of creating value for customers as a prerequisite to creating economic value for the business itself.

John Cabot University of Rome

Master in Marketing of public and private organizations and digital strategy

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The Master course entitled "Marketing of public and private organizations and digital strategy" of the John Cabot University in Rome is a unique program. Its role is to focus on the study of traditional marketing, e-marketing, and service-related marketing from an international perspective. Such studies will allow to learn how to launch a marketing strategy abroad with a particular emphasis on emerging markets. The professional figure that we will create will have a good knowledge of the English language considering that the English course is a crucial part of the curriculum. All educational activities will be directed at the definition of a learning process shared with our partners and aimed from the start at a specific professional job placement. In fact, the course includes classroom lectures, project works, and a practical on-the-field application with an internship at one of the organizations or businesses with which the John Cabot University collaborates.

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