The Presidency Board, after meeting in Rome on January 26th 2017, has deliberated on the 2017 SIM Research Grant (Announcement deadline December 23rd 2016).

The resulting winning projects, respectively for Topic 1 and Topic 2, were those presented by the teams comprising:

  • TOPIC 1  Between Tangible and Digital in the distribution services: a new frontier for marketing

Winning project "Between a tangible and a digital point of sale: virtual reality and distribution cross-channeling"

Gabriele Pizzi- University of Bologna

Daniele Scarpi - University of Bologna

Marco Pichierri - University of Bologna

Virginia Vannucci - University of Florence


  • TOPIC 2 Likes and Followers: the impact of social media on sales

Winning project  "How to improve the strategies of social media marketing for luxury businesses: images or texts?"

Cesare Amatulli - University of Bari

Luca Petruzzellis - University of Bari

Pierluigi Passaro - University of Bari

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