On-site representatives

The role of On-site representative is instrumental for the existence of Società Italiana Marketing and its exposure within the territory. The associate who assumes the role of representative is required to: 

  1. encourage the colleagues who are involved in marketing at his site to apply for an annual membership to the Italian Marketing Association;
  2. include – and ask to include – the Italian Marketing Association Marketing Award in the marketing courses offered at his site.;
  3. make a request to the Department/College Library to set up a subscription service to the Italian Journal of Marketing magazine;
  4. encourage young researchers, graduating students, and colleagues to make use of (and make a reference to) works published in the Magazine;
  5. advertise on his site the calls for papers promoted by the Italian Marketing Association, particularly the one relating to the Annual Convention;
  6. propose and organize conventions and workshops in marketing within the territory aimed particularly at businesses;
  7. encourage the Presidency to constantly innovate the Italian Marketing Association portfolio of activities;
  8. participate in the research promoted by the Association.


 Download the list of Società Italiana Marketing  On-site Representatives.


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