Mission statement

Società Italiana Marketing intends to be instrumental in the innovation and cultural consolidation of marketing for the benefit of the Italian academic and entrepreneurial communities.

Marketing did not have an easy life in the Italian academia. It entered the universities through the backdoor and through several efforts to import from abroad pieces of its doctrinal body (e.g. marketing research, techniques of sales distribution). It remained for a long time a marginalized field of interest for few aficionados driven by their will to open and walk new cultural paths and, by doing so, they often put at risk their own academic careers. Marketing did not have an easy life even in the Italian business world. The Italian productive environment has been historically populated by micro and small companies and is an expression of territories with a strong commitment to manufacturing and with a service economy that has been dominated by large and small monopolies and nearly free from large managerial enterprises.

Such environment did not provide great opportunities of achievement and success to marketing. Nowadays the situation is deeply changed in both contexts. Marketing is firmly present in curricula of undergraduate degree programs in economy and communication, inspires several Master’s degree programs and produces a substantial scientific, educational, and general literature of very high quality. At the same time, in the business world the market activities are closely handled and supported by specialized professionals, dedicated efforts, and systems of relations with external partners, which are more and more in line with the prerequisites required by the international competition. More and more often marketing is creating value. Società Italiana Marketing intends to serve our Country by connecting these two worlds.

The Association works on the universities by constantly increasing the quality of the Italian scientific and cultural marketing production and, by making it available to the public, aims at increasing the marketplace potentiality of businesses. This is achieved by creating places, instruments, and opportunities to meet, reflect, and analyze in order to advance the wealth of knowledge, to develop common languages and ways of thinking. And, by doing so, we will be able to build a marketing theory closer to the Italian frame of mind and to the way marketing is done in our local businesses.

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