the Marketer of the year Award

The Italian Marketing Association positions itself in the area of contact between the worlds of University, Enterprises, and Organizations.

Our Statute, in article 3, reminds us to always consider this bridging nature of our scientific Association, deeming it crucial for the creation of a convincing value proposition useful for all associates and stakeholders.
This aspect is so embedded in our genetic code that the Statute established that the position of Vice-president should be given to a manager and that the Presidency Board, presided by him, should be constantly motivated by a Steering Committee.
All that finds its justification in the service the Italian Marketing Association intends to provide our Country, which means growing a strong and innovative market culture by promoting the scientific research done in the Italian universities with that goal in mind.
The reasons for an Award
We live in a Nation where definitely Awards are not lacking. So, someone might say: why establishing yet another new award?
 In 2017 the SIM Steering Committee , while meeting in Rome, decided to create the Award Marketer of the Year, with two major goals:
 ·         to bring to the attention of the university a person from the entrepreneurial, management, or professional world who particularly distinguished himself for the innovativeness of his market approach;
 ·         to increase the recognition of the Italian Marketing Association inside the national economic community.
The process
In harmony with the spirit of inclusion that permeates all of our activities, the process has been designed as follows:
All SIM administrative bodies (Presidency Board, Steering Committee and associates) have been encouraged to present candidacies by providing names, company names, and short motivations;
 the list of candidates has been later submitted to the vote of all associates;
 the Presidency, once the votes are counted, has the task to contact the nominated individual in order to inform him about winning the Award and to set with him the best date for the bestowment.

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