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Società Italiana Marketing is a non-profit association trying to expand as much as possible the number of its members. In order to do that, SIM adopts a policy of value maximization by trying, within the limits dictated by their availability, to provide the associates with more than adequate compensations and services in exchange for the payment of fees.

 To become an associate there are three distinct modalities that have been conceived to make things easy and to satisfy three distinct categories of associates, and, in particular, to try to encourage young people to join.

The partnerships with businesses are crucial for the survival of the association, not just from the material point of view but also for the constant encouragement to work on subjects of managerial relevance.

the Steering Committee, made of business partners, is an integral part of the Presidency Board and its President is ex-officio the SIM Vice President, which allows him to participate actively in defining the association's guidelines.

SIM promotes marketing in Italy also by granting its cultural patronage free of charge. Each associate, either a business one or an academic one, who organizes cultural initiatives on marketing subjects (conventions, seminars, workshops, special publications, videos, etc.) can attach the SIM logo to the initiative by simply downloading the regulations and by requesting it.

The SIM Masters are master programs, from universities and from other organizations, recognized and promoted by SIM. The Master programs, that plan to benefit from the SIM patronage and promotional support, can make a request to the Presidency and, once it is recognized, it will be included in the SIM Master portfolio. We should emphasize that the patronage does not represent an accreditation.

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Organizational Offices
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