Fast Track June 9th - Startbootcamp/BAU

Fast Track June 9th - Startbootcamp/BAU

On June 9th at the BAU International Academy of Rome, a team of Startbootcamp Business Angels (www.startbootcamp.org) as well as experts and mentors of the Bahcesehir University network (www.bahcesehir.edu.tr) will select the best Made in Italy start-up ideas in any high tech sector for admission to the fast track Startbootcamp program. The program will be held in Istanbul at the Besiktas campus of the Bahcesehir University (BAU) and it will climax with the launch on the Turkish and Eurasian markets of the best incubated business ideas with an investment up to 250 thousand dollars from the fund supporting the said program.

Below you will find the basic steps of this initiative: Step1: fill the form in order to present your candidacy


The deadline has been postponed to June 8th. Step2: present your start-up idea on June 9th in via IV November 114 before the Startbootcamp team and the local BAU advisors and mentors who will report the results of the Roman Fast Track to the fund. Step3: The best candidates admitted to the fast track program will receive a 15,000 dollars check to be able to begin their activity of incubation in Istanbul at the BAU campus in Besiktas. Additional information are available at:

http://www.iaracademy.com/start-up-e-made-in-italy-dove-lest-incontra-lovest/?lang=it&lang=it http://www.iaracademy.com/09-june-startupbootcampus-fasttrack/

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