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Dear friends,

Marketing Post is the new quarterly digital magazine of the Società Italiana Marketing.

This is a publishing initiative that boosts the experience of Spaghetti Marketing by standing side by side with Markets & Competitivity magazine with the goal of spreading new and high-quality contents in a form that is more and more feasible with reading times and modalities.

The eighteen issues of Spaghetti Marketing allowed us to define an effective publishing formula for those who make the market and who live it every day. The contributions from scholars, managers, entrepreneurs, and startuppers, as well as informative pills from all over the world and abstracts of important international scientific articles are all ingredients of our new digital magazine.

Hoping that this additional publishing initiative would complete the SIM offer and confirm its prestige as promoter of the managerial culture also in the business world, we wish all of you to enjoy the reading.

All issues of Spaghetti Marketing are available for free on our website www.simktg.it. We suggest that you invite your correspondents, students, and managers to download them.


Costanza Nosi



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