The Italian Marketing Association promotes the training in marketing by encouraging its constant qualitative improvement and its technological upgrading.

The SIM Masters are master programs in marketing management that share and practice the same educational philosophy of the association. The SIM promotes their recognition through all available channels and, particularly, through the presence of the Marketing Award in the classrooms of the Italian universities.

In order to receive the Italian Marketing Association's accreditation it is sufficient to follow the indications included in the section "Join us" of this website.

The SIM School is a virtual school of training and professional development for researchers in marketing from Italian and foreign universities. The School organizes every year meetings aimed at improving skills in research and communication of results, and at developing teaching skills especially looking at the opportunities offered by digital technologies.

The OIM is an educational Observatory of marketing in Italy organized every three years by the SIM in order to monitor how and where the teaching of this discipline is spreading. The last edition of OIM started in 2012 and it will end in January 2013.

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