Doctoral Colloquium of 16th International Marketing Trends Conference

 Madrid January 26th 2017


We are pleased to invite Faculty Members to nominate their Doctoral Students to participate to the Doctoral Colloquium of the 16th International Marketing Trends Conference which will take place in Madrid on Thursday January 26th 2017.


The Doctoral Colloquium will provide Doctoral Students with the opportunity to present their PhD research in an International and a friendly one-on-one environment, to refine research questions, to publish research, to receive guidance on future research directions, and to gain advice about building an academic career from a panel of leading academics.


The Doctoral Colloquium of the 16th International Marketing Trends Conference is chaired by Professor Jean-François LEMOINE  from Université Paris 1 (France) and Professor Shintaro OKAZAKI from King's College  London (UK).


Please note the deadline extension is October 20 2016


The nomination deadlines are indicated hereunder:

-          October 20 2016: Submission of proposals and requirements

-          October 24th 2016: Notification of proposal acceptance

-          November 25th 2014: Registration deadline

Please note that a registration to the Doctoral Colloquium gives you access to the complete program of the International Marketing Trends Conference

-          December 5th  2016:  Payment of conference fees deadline (150€)

-          January 26th 2017: Doctoral Colloquium of the 16th International Marketing Trends Conference, in MADRID (Spain)

You will find all the General Information on the Doctoral Colloquium at  http://www.marketing-trends-congress.com/ in the Doctoral Colloquium section.


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