Call for paper XII SIM Convention

Cultural heritage and urban revitalization


The XII annual Convention of the Italian Association of Marketing Studies on the topic "The marketing at the service of the cities. Cultural heritage and urban revitalization" will be held at the Department of Management of the University of Turin on October 22-23rd 2015.

The Convention has as objective to collect contributions and offer new occasions for reflection on this cultural subject, on its different aspects, and in particular on the role of marketing. More and more cities are able to reposition themselves in the minds of people thanks to their ability to promote their cultural heritage. Over the years the role of culture has changed as the role of consumers, more and more involved in this world, has changed as well.

Unlike past editions, the Convention will last one and a half day and will have something different this year. On the first day we will have a discussion on the best paper of the Thematic Section "Tourism, Culture and Arts Marketing" in plenary session while on Friday afternoon we will have the section "Spaghetti meets" with the participation of local entrepreneurial and managerial personalities who distinguished themselves for important marketing projects.

During the two days of the Convention, culture will be the main character in the story not only during the day but also at night. Whoever wishes to do so, will be able to visit the Automobile Museum of Turin before attending the dinner gala organized in one of its showrooms. The Automobile Museum, like many other European museums, has brought to life a series of complementary activities that involve more and more its visitors and position it as one of the museums at the forefront as far as car exhibits are concerned.

The University of Turin awaits many of you and welcomes you in a city rich with culture.

Piergiorgio Re, University of Turin



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