2017 Marketer of the year

The scientific and managerial community of the Italian Marketing Association agreed to give the 2017 Award to:

Brunello Cucinelli
an Italian entrepreneur who distinguished himself for his approach based on ethics and business responsibility by taking these values away from the boundaries of rhetoric in order to make them a lively and verifiable reality.
 The following is the motivation for giving the Award:
 Brunello Cucinelli has been able to construe the global competition of the XXI Century with an innovative, original, and nonconformist approach, thus building a unique, sustainable, and real distinctive identity.
The business results and the brand reputation, attained in all competitive scenarios he took on, testify his ability to create with absolute coherence and effectiveness an original business model that does justice to Italy and to its unique humanistic-entrepreneurial culture.
La The Italian Marketing Association is therefore proud to give Brunello Cucinelli the 2017 SIM Award and the title of Honorary Associate.
The numbers of his success
Brunello Cucinelli launches his company in 1978.
It is a difficult year for Italy due to the ongoing domestic terrorist conflict culminated with the murder of professor Aldo Moro, but it is also a year when events that will prove to be of historic relevance occurred, such as the election of Karol Wojtyla to the papal throne, the creation of the European Monetary System, the entry of Spain in a democratic system.
 Almost ten years later, Cucinelli builds the company factory in the Umbrian village of Solomeo within a short distance from Perugia where he salvages an abandoned urban area giving it new energy and reputation by creating also areas dedicated to meetings and culture.
It should be mentioned in particular the creation in the village of a school of professions, inspired by the Italian Renaissance bottegas, where art, culture, and know-how is encoded and retransmitted, thus granting a perspective of long-term business sustainability.
 In 2012 the company is listed in the Italian Stock Exchange. Two important initiatives goes side by side with this event, almost emphasizing a different meaning of the words stock market listing in search of capitals: the Pact between Generations (2013) and the Trust (2014).
 Brunello Cucinelli is leading today a global company with 1600 employees, over 500 millions Euro in revenues, a 10% growth in the last year (defined by the entrepreneur as a polite growth), and a Stock Market capitalization of 1.8 billion Euro as of December 31st 2017.
 The world markets represent over 80% of the company’s net profits, generated mainly in the USA (35.5%), European Union (30%), and the Greater China region (8.5%).
Italy is an important market (16.8% of the net profits) with a growth of 11% from last year.
 The distribution network comprises 124 single brand retail shops, of which 94 are company-owned.


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